I’m afraid to move on because I’m scared to lose “us”.


No one but you…

But no one will ever understand your situation because no one was ever in the same place as you, no one was ever in the same struggle as you, so no one can help you make that decision, but you.


I don’t like being public about my life. I don’t usually share. I am probably the last person to bitch and complain about something bothering me, but it’s time to share. Share with people who might be able to relate, who might learn, teach or grow from reading the excerpts of my life.

Writing is my outlet. From when I was a child to this very day – I have always loved writing. It’s in me to write, I know that. The problem is that I usually write when I have some sort of passionate feeling in me – something that has made me feel a certain way and I can’t get it out of my head.

Current mood: how to find a way to get out of my head space.